Part 1. Overall Mobile Phone Market in China

January domestic mobile phone shipmentsreached34.0million units, down 12.8percent year over year. 32 new models were released in the month, down 37.3percent year-over-year (y/y).


Chart 1: Domestic mobile phone shipments from January 2018 to January 2019

Part 2. Development of 4G Mobile Phones

January domestic 4G mobile phone shipments were32.4million units,down 11.0percent y/y, and represented 95.0percent of the total shipments. 23new 4G models were released in the month, down 30.3percent y/y, accounting for71.9 percent of the total new models this month.

Part 3. Local and MNC Brands of Mobile Phones

January mobile phone shipments by the local brands reached 32.1million units, down 4.3percent y/y, accounting for94.2percent of the domestic mobile phone shipments. Number of new models released by the local brands (31units)decreased by31.1percent y/y, and represented96.9percent of the total number of new model release in the month.






Chart 2: January 2019 mobile phone shipments by local and MNC brands

Part 4. Development of Smart Phones

January smart phone shipments were32.1million units,down 11.4 percent y/y, and accounted for 94.4percent of the domestic mobile phone shipments in the month.


In January, 22new smart phone models were released, down 33.3 percent y/y, and accounted for  68.8percent of the number of new release.